How To Fold Kanye West Hoodie

Folding a hoodie may seem easy but it takes skill to get that neatly folded and compacted look. In this guide we will show you how to fold your Kanye West hoodie precisely so that it stays as fashionable and crisp as the day you bought it. Unveiling your brand new hoodie is an exciting moment but maintaining its pristine condition requires a bit of care starting with the way you fold it.

Clear Your Workspace

So that the hoody can be folded up nicely. This will not spoil the beauty of your dress. A smooth surface will make the folding process more manageable and help maintain the garment integrity.

Lay your hoodie flat

Lay the front of your Kanye West hoodie down on the smooth surface, paying attention to the exact alignment of the sleeves and hood, and smoothing out any creases or folds to ensure the cloth sits as flat as possible.

Fold in the sleeves

To produce a more streamlined design, fold one sleeve over the back of the hoodie in a neat, straight line. Then, fold the other sleeve in the same manner. Now that the sleeves are parallel to the length of the hoodie, the shape is more streamlined.

Fold the Hoodie

To minimize weight and retain the general symmetry of the hoodie fold the hood of your Kanye West hoodie down toward the bottom hem making sure the hood lies nicely between the folded sleeves.

Create a rectangle

Fold the bottom of the hoodie up towards the top creating a rectangle shape. Align the bottom hem with the top of the hoodie making sure the edges are straight. Smooth out any wrinkles as you go to maintain a polished appearance.

Refine Your Fold

If you want to add even more precision try folding your Kanye West hoodie one or two more times. The idea is to make a small rectangular bundle that is both store friendly and shape retaining. Take your time and make sure that every fold adds to the hoodies tidy and orderly appearance.

Storage Tips

Now that your Kanye West hoodie is folded perfectly it is time to think about storing it. Instead of hanging hoodies for a long time as this can cause the fabric to stretch try putting it in a drawer or on a shelf where they will not be crushed by other objects.


The next time you fold a Kanye West Merch use these guidelines to create a neat and compact package that reflects the same attention to detail as the man himself iconic designs. Folding a hoodie correctly not only guarantees a tidy wardrobe but also demonstrates your commitment to maintaining the quality of your fashionable garments. Learn how to fold a hoodie correctly to preserve its style and longevity.

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